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Bizcutomers is a USA based company wanted their website to be user-friendly for their viewers so we have designed the website which will easily navigate with their viewers. uses many forms of advertising to bring you customers who want your products, your Life Style Dollars and your Condo Club Cards. Your goal is to build a loyal customer base that will continue to shop from your store and quite possibly even join you as an affiliate.



Bossmon is an Australia based company for which we have not only designed and developed this website but also we have done branding of a website. We have designed this responsive based website in such a way that it becomes user friendly and easy to navigate a website. We have provided the end to end solutions. Bossmon can manage any job large or small. They look after all types of repairs, maintenance, commercial upgrades on buildings, gardens, car parks and roads. Bossmon is quickly becoming the company of choice for real estate agents with rental rolls and body corporate managers throughout Brisbane


Job logic is a UK based company where we have designed a this responsive website in such a way that the viewer can understand the software what this software do. It's a software where you install boilers, repair boilers, central heating or just do gas safety certificates, JobLogic will help you run your business more efficiently. We have been supplying gas contractors and we are continuing to push the software forward to include cutting edge technology.



We have designed and developed a beautiful website which shows many useful features of a company. InsightSplash you can capture the gap between customer expectation and customer experience; you can also gauge the importance of that on customer decision making. The Insight Splash campaign creation wizard lets you choose from dozens of questions related to in-room ambience and amenities that have been pre-selected as being relevant to your property. Insight Splash allows you to define real time alerts and escalation for any campaign.


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